Encrypted test papers may be used to permanently avoid question paper leaks: CBSE

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For the forthcoming Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) class X and XII exams, an encrypted modus operandi for question papers will be used, keeping in view the repeated cases of exam paper leaks. The CBSE board had to re-conduct class XII Economics exam in March 2018 due to a paper leaks.

With this new secure way of using question papers, a unique login information will be provided to each examination centre. The question papers will be printed and photocopied at school prior to the exams. The principal and staff members will be trained to run the new systems.

CBSE secretary Anurag Tripathi said “As a pilot project, we did this (used the encrypted system) for the class X compartment exam. There was no problem with it. We realised that the number of (test) centers were fewer — just 32. For the board examinations, we have almost 4,500 exam centers and close to 30 lakh children, so the board is deliberating on providing infrastructure at the examination centers,” as quoted by The Indian Express. He further added that in case of unexpected technical errors the board will also supply printed question papers to the banks.

Each exam center should be provided with the required number of computers with internet connection, Xerox machines and uninterrupted power supply to get the new system to embark.